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All About Our Squid Game Costumes Shop

Our shop was created in late 2021 after our founder binge-watched Squid Game and saw the huge demand for costumes of characters from the show.

As longtime Squid Game fans and cosplay enthusiasts, we wanted to offer affordable, high-quality costumes and props to fellow devotees.

Our team meticulously designs each product, paying special attention to accuracy and details that die-hard fans will appreciate.

For example, our green player tracksuits are carefully crafted to match those worn in the show. The fabrics, colors, and stitching capture the look perfectly.

Similarly, our red guard jumpsuits replicate every iconic element – from the tactical belted waist to the ominous printed shapes.

We know how important it is to provide the best Squid Game cosplay experience. That’s why every mask, accessory, and costume component is focused on realism.

Most importantly, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to each shopper. We want buying Squid Game outfits and props to be an enjoyable, hassle-free experience for our customers.

Please contact us anytime with questions, requests, or feedback. We value input from the Squid Game community as we continue expanding our catalog of high-quality costumes and accessories.

We can’t wait for you to explore our collection of Squid Game looks. Get ready to enter the game!

Join the Global Phenomenon


Don’t just watch Squid Game – become part of the action! Click here to explore our collection of high-quality costumes and claim your player number today.

Gear Up for Your next Cosplay Event

Cosplaying as a Squid Game character? Gear up with us!

Our collection of costumes, props, and accessories will make your cosplay dreams a reality.

Keep it simple with a numbered tee and mask or go all out with a full player or guard uniform – the choice is yours.

Let us help you assemble the ultimate Squid Game squad. Shop now to get your cosplay crew ready for their next event!

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